The Era of Discontent. Elixir Press. (2021)

The Price of Scarlet. University Press of Kentucky New Poetry and Prose Series. (2017)


5 haiku by Suzuki Shizuko, translated from the Japanese. Columbia Journal (20 July, 2018)

5 haiku by Suzuki Shizuko, translated from the Japanese. Waxwing, Issue XV. (Summer 2018)

Poems (Selected)

“Tailor-Made.” The Los Angeles Review. (August 2020)

“This Servant of God Does Not Have a Mind at Peace.” Tupelo Quarterly. (July 2020)

Confiteor.” Verse Daily. (23 April, 2019)

“Homophonous.” Washington Square Review, Issue 42. (Fall 2018)

“Elegy for One Life Lived Within Another.” The Los Angeles Review. (Spring 2018)

“L.A. Cento #6,” “L.A. Cento #7,” and “L.A. Cento #8.” Jet Fuel Review, Issue 15. (Spring 2018)

“Shake Out a Blanket and Watch What Worlds You Release.” Kettle Blue Review, Issue 5.1. (April 2018)

“Woman and Incandescent Light Bulb, 60-Watt.” The Missouri Review Poem of the Week. (19 February, 2018)

“Counterpoint.” Southern Humanities Review, Vol. 51.2. (2017)

“In Widows’ Weeds for Lost Arcadia” and “The Lapsed Catholic Imagination.” Diode, Vol. 10, No. 1, 10th Anniversary Issue. (Spring 2017)

“A Young Ruler in Wartime,” “Someone Breathing Is a Sign of Order in the World,” and “Resolution.” Matter, Issue 18. (October 2016)

“The Art of the Insult” and “In the Gown I Wear to the Uprising.” Jet Fuel Review, Issue 9. (Spring 2015)

“Haibun on the 650 lb. Grand Piano Standing Upright in Biscayne Bay.” Grist, Issue 8. (2015)

“When the Crickets Clash.” Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine. (January 2015)

“Everything Beautiful Has a Name.” Kenyon Review Online. (Spring 2014)

“The Collective Unconscious.” The Missouri Review Poem of the Week. (9 December, 2013)

Essays and Book Reviews

“To Witness the Last Days.” Review of This Fabulous Shadow, by Philip Herter. American Book Review Vol. 36, No. 3. (March/April 2015)

“Hesitation and the Poetic Metaphor.” 32 Poems, Contributors’ Marginalia. (15 February, 2015)

“Poetry as Surpassed Nature.” Blackbird, Tracking the Muse. (Spring 2012)

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