10 March, 2018  2018 AWP UIC Alumni Reading. The Fly, Tampa, FL.

21 February, 2018  A Reading and Conversation with Poet Brianna Noll. California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA.

9 June, 2017  Poems, Prose, and Possibility: A UIC Alumni Reading. City Lit Books, Chicago, IL.

26 April, 2017  University Reading Series. University of Scranton Department of English and Theatre, Scranton, PA.

18 April, 2017  Open Door Poetry Reading, with Christina Pugh. The Poetry Foundation, Chicago, IL.

31 March, 2017  RHINO Reads! Poetry Series. Bookends and Beginnings, Evanston, IL.

11 February, 2017  The Price of Scarlet Book Signing, hosted by the University of Kentucky MFA Program, in conjunction with the University Press of Kentucky. AWP Bookfair, Washington, D.C.

5 May, 2015  Wit Rabbit Reading Series. Quencher’s Saloon, Chicago, IL.

3 April, 2015  One-on-One Reading, with Averill Curdy. University of Illinois at Chicago Department of English, Chicago, IL.

11 September, 2014  Program for Writers Reading Series. University of Illinois at Chicago, Tufano’s, Chicago, IL.

7 March, 2014  Women Write Resistance Reading. The Book Cellar, Chicago, IL.

8 November, 2013 MMLA Panel: “Lyric Hesitation: How the Lyric Approximates the Fantastic.” Hybridity: On Taming the Ligers of Contemporary Creative Modes. Midwest Modern Language Association 2013 Conference, Milwaukee, WI

9 September, 2013  Program for Writers Reading Series. University of Illinois at Chicago, Jak’s Tap, Chicago, IL.

9 March, 2013  AWP Panel: “Embracing Echo, Rediscovering the Self: Teaching Strategies of Repetition in the Undergraduate Poetry Workshop,” with Tyler Mills, Rebecca Hazleton, and Valerie Wetlaufer. 1:30-2:45 PM, Room 108, Hynes Convention Center. The Association of Writers and Writing Programs 2013 Conference and Bookfair, Boston, MA

3 July, 2012  Wit Rabbit Reading Series. Quenchers Saloon, Chicago, IL

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